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For the past 3 decades, Arctic explorer Lonnie Dupre has traveled — by dogsled, skis and kayak — more than 15,000 miles throughout the High Arctic and polar regions. His life-long love of the Arctic and the knowledge he has gained by traveling and living with the Inuit people has led him to pursue one aim: advocating for these fragile Arctic environments that impact the well being of the whole planet.


Cold Love highlights three expeditions spanning many years of Dupre’s career — the first non-motorized circumnavigation of Greenland, the first summer expedition to the North Pole, and the first attempt of a solo January ascent of Denali. The film’s powerful footage reveals up-close the beauty and life-giving forces of these icy realms. And in seeing, we can’t help but be inspired to love and protect our earth’s frozen places. Not only are they beautiful and fragile, but they are the global engine that regulates the climate and provides a stable environment for all life on the planet.

Genre: 108 Believe,Documentary

Cast: Lonnie Dupre, Eric Larsen, John Hoelscher,

Crew: Lonnie Dupre – co-director/co-producer, camera, story Deia Schlosberg – co-director/co-producer, editor Stevie Anna Plummer – associate producer Beau Larson – editor Eric Larsen – camera, story John Hoelscher – camera, story

Year of production: 2015

Running time: 64 Minutes

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