It’s Not My Fault And I Don’t Care Anyway


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Famous motivational speaker Patrick Spencer (Alan Thicke) refuses to pay the kidnapping ransom for his only daughter Diana, leaving only the unlikely friendship between Diana and a goon-for-hire standing between her and a body bag.

Patrick Spencer is famous for his philosophy ‘It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyways.’ His book of the same name has earned him a lot of money and the adoration of his enormous fan base.

When small-time crook Johnny 3-Fingers discovers that he’s been selling drugs to Patrick’s daughter Diana, he hatches a plan. Johnny enlists “Giant Man” Brian Calhoun (Quinton Aaron), an intimidating yet gentle heroin-addict, to help kidnap Diana and demand a ransom.

Unfortunately for Johnny, he underestimates Patrick’s “I don’t care” philosophy.

In this dark comedy, unlikely friendships are formed and selfishness is taken to the point of no return. Could it be that Patrick is right, and everyone only cares about themselves in the end?

Genre: Comedy,Drama

Cast: Alan Thicke, Quinton Aaron, Leah Doz

Crew: Chris Craddock

Year of production: 2016

Running time: 96 Minutes

Festivals, Awards & Press:

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Alan Thicke, Nominated for Best Lead Actor, TV Drama Program or Limited Series – Canadian Screen Awards, 2018
Official Selection – Orlando Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection – Heartland Film Festival, 2016
Official SelectionWhistler Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection – Cannes Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection – YofiFest, 2016
Official Selection – San Diego Black Film Festival, 2016