Valley of Ditches


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A young woman bound in the front seat of a parked car watches helpless as her captor methodically digs a grave in the desert ground. The bloody lifeless body of her boyfriend lies framed in the rear-view mirror, a fate she will fight at all costs to avoid for herself. But this is only the beginning of a brutal struggle where survival could be worse than death.

Genre: 108 MadCap,Crime,Horror,Thriller

Cast: Amanda Todisco, Russell Bradley Fenton, Jeremy Sless,

Crew: Christopher James Lang, Amanda Todisco

Year of production: 2015

Running time: 77 Minutes

Festivals, Awards & Press:

“A lean, mean indie outing worth your time.” – The 13th Floor


“VALLEY OF DITCHES will captivate its audience through its unpredictable plot, its twists and turns, and one very intense and unexpected gore scene.” – Nightmarish Conjurings


Official Selection – Central Florida Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection – Dances with Films, 2016