About Us


108 Media is a turn-key solution for the world’s most innovative content creators and exhibitors. We develop customized distribution models to internationally monetize content through traditional and emerging platforms. Our goal is to disrupt the status quo with exciting independent content that stimulates audiences and provokes conversation around the globe.


Our network of diverse international buyers and project-specific strategy allows us to distribute content in any genre from a wide range of media. We acquire feature films, documentaries, TV series, branded channels, TV formats, and entire content libraries.



We license content to a wide range of buyers operating throughout the world, including broadcasters and cable networks.

Digital Platforms

We have a strong focus on the digital space, placing content on established and upcoming platforms including VOD, IPTV, mobile networks, and emerging technologies.

TV Channel Syndication

We carry popular branded channels in all genres for syndication to international broadcasters, TV networks, and OTT platforms.

108 Asia

We have developed extensive distribution channels across Asia, with a primary focus on underserved territories and emerging markets. In 2013 we launched 108 Asia, located in Tokyo, to expand our influence in the region and offer better solutions for our content owners and distribution partners in China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and Mongolia.

108 Believe

A label specifically designed to make noise for very unique stories; the type of stories that transcend age groups and cultural demographics, stories that uplift and inspire. By increasing the exposure to each individual film demographic and accessing the brand’s trusted audience 108 has developed a super-power which grants the ability to inspire young minds, and invade hearts and homes worldwide. Stories with soul are the stories worth shouting for. What do you Believe?


108 MadCap is a specialty distribution label that will offer film content with the purpose of defying convention. 

108 Madcap encompasses films from across sci-fi, horror, thriller, and fantasy genres, with a focus on quirky storytelling and stimulating visuals with the intention of resonating with worldwide audiences who appreciate the unique qualities of the films on offer. The label contains a diverse library of fresh, eclectic genre films that are not only distinct and memorable, but stand-out creatively to defy convention and create a world of their own.