New Dark Comedy hits iTunes, Amazon Video…

Media Alert January 3rd 2018 DARK COMEDY ‘GET MARRIED OR DIE’ GETS DIGITAL HD RELEASE FROM 108 MEDIA Toronto, ON – 108 Media, the global content distribution and development company presents Michael S. Feinstein’s comedy drama ‘Get Married or Die’ for worldwide release. The film is available in digital HD on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, […]


Toronto, ON – 108 Media, the global content distribution and development company presents McKenzie Haglund’s intense drama ‘Halcyon’ for worldwide release. The initial North American release is slated for January 11. Two former Navy submariners, Robert and Daniel, working as civilians quickly jump at the opportunity to make a year’s salary in a quick sixty […]


TORONTO, ON [November 27, 2017] — 108 Media in association with MEI: Media Events Innovation is pleased to announce that Birdland, a post noir mystery directed by award-winning writer/director Peter Lynch (Cyberman, Project Grizzly, Arrowhead) starring Kathleen Munroe (Patriot, Resurrection, Flashpoint, Call Me Fitz), Melanie Scrofano (Letterkenny, Wynonna Earp, Designated Survivor), David Alpay (The Tudors, Quantico, The Lottery, Ararat), Benjamin Ayres (Saving Hope, Bitten, Less Than Kind), Joris Jarsky (First Response, Numb Chucks, The Art of More, Toronto Stories), Stephen McHattie (Orphan Black, The Strain, Pontypool), and Cara Gee (The Expanse, The Empire of Dirt, Strange […]

Sophie Gold is a Gold Digger in this Sexy Drama

gold digger (noun informal) – a person who dates others purely to extract money from them, in particular a woman who strives to marry a wealthy man. Sexy Drama Sophie Gold coming to Digital HD this month. Synopsis – Sophie Gold (Elvira Tröger) is a young woman who dreams of becoming a famous actress. She moves to Los Angeles to find […]

‘A Different Set of Cards’ coming to VOD – FIRST LOOK

Engaging crime thriller turns contemporary storytelling on it’s head. Festival favourite making it’s way to Digital HD Video on Demand. A secluded warehouse, a money transfer and a poker table where four players meet. Ben Borkman is playing the game of his life, joined by a Bad-Ass, an anxious baldy and an femme fatale. The cards change […]

A Night of Horror: Volume 1 hits North American VOD

  Zombies, Demonic Entities, Self-Surgery, Cannibalism and More Await in this Terrifying Horror Anthology. A Night of Horror: Volume 1 now on Amazon, Google Play and more.. Whether you’re a fan of Sydney’s iconic genre film festival A Night of Horror, or just a fan of the best and bloodiest in new horror cinema, you can’t afford to miss this […]

BnB Hell is Open for Business.

Survival Horror BnB Hell coming to VOD in Digital HD this June A young woman’s hunt for her missing sister ends at a rundown bed and breakfast in the Hollywood Hills run by an ill-tempered woman called Mommy. Disturbing messages left by former guests suggest unsettling secrets lay buried there. BnB Hell will be available on […]

Black and White Sci-Fi Thriller THE CYCLOTRON coming to VOD

 An Allied WWII Spy Must Assassinate a German Scientist Building an Atomic Bomb The Cyclotron is a sci-fi thriller that takes place at the end of the Second World War. Simone (Lucille Fluet), a spy working for the Allies, is entrusted with the mission to find and execute Emil (Mark Antony Krupa), a scrupulous Berlin scientist who discovered […]

Witness Syrian refugees journey across the Aegean Sea, from Turkey to Greece, in Elias Matar’s Exodus

  This amazing, close-up look at the struggle of refugees seeking asylum in the European Union is coming to Digital HD on April 18th. Filmmaker Elias Matar’s second film in his humanitarian magnum opus will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft Store and Vudu.   “I’ll never forget the moments I’d spent in the cornfields, […]

Seductive, Psychological Thriller The Holly Kane Experiment Follows an Obsessive Psychologist Who May be Losing Control of Her Own Mind.

Whose thoughts are you thinking? An obsessive psychologist attempts to reprogram her subconscious mind, but when her actions become increasingly uncharacteristic she fears her experiment is dangerously out of control. The Holly Kane Experiment delves into Digital HD April 25th on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft and Vudu. Official Selection – St. Louis International Film Festival, […]