WTF? Audiences Went in “Blind” to Indie Docu-Style Thriller The Triangle, New DVD Opens Their Eyes

TORONTO, Canada  – Tom Phillip of GQ Magazine called The

Triangle “a meticulously crafted horror film… perhaps the pinnacle of mockumentary

filmmaking.” At the urging of reviewers and the filmmakers, audiences went in “blind” to

the movie and left intrigued by what the website Found Footage Critic dubbed “a barrage of

what-the-fuckery” (8.8/10 rating). The Triangle DVD, set to release on Amazon October

27, offers a chance to watch the movie again followed by deleted scenes and special features

that will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the film. The Triangle

DVD includes a 10-minute “Making of The Triangle” featurette, plus 3 seperate audio

commentaries from the producers and directors, 9 deleted scenes and brand new cover art.

During its original release last year, The Triangle filmmakers asked audiences to

“#GoInBlind”, believing that those who had little advance knowledge of the film would enjoy

it the most. Reviewers agreed and passed along the “Go in Blind” recommendation. With

little idea of what to expect, audiences left the movie filled with intrigue and questions.

Dread Central, who called it “my favorite horror film of 2016”, noted that the film left

viewers “scratching your skull when the final credits roll”. The Slaughtered Bird website

noted that The Triangle has “an ending which, a week after viewing, is still rattling around

in my brain.” GQ said that the film “answers enough mysteries to satisfy, but leaves plenty of

implications behind to keep you up at night.”

The Triangle DVD’s extra features provide more information about the unique filmmaking

process and the critically acclaimed performances by the actors. Producers and directors

explain how the filmmakers — portrayed on screen by the actual filmmakers — did not know

what was happening during filming of The Triangle when they first arrived, and how they

managed to craft a unified storyline through their unique filmmaking approach.

The DVD includes revealing audio commentary sessions with directors Adam Stilwell,

Andrew Rizzo, and Nathaniel Peterson; producers Nicholas Daue, Nathaniel Peterson, and

Adam Stilwell; and Directors Adam Pitman and David Blair. The filmmakers culled through

more than 200 hours of footage to make the film, leaving behind hours of worthy material

that didn’t make the cut. Nine of the filmmakers’ favorite deleted scenes are included in the

extras as well as a 10-minute behind-the-scenes look at the unique process the filmmakers

used to help blur the lines between reality and fiction. All in all, over 5 hours of extras.

“Initially, we wanted our audiences to experience The Triangle as we, the filmmakers, did,”

says director and producer Adam Stilwell. “We were flooded with questions, but to keep up

the intrigue and to make the experience more fun for audiences who have yet to see the

film, we’ve remained silent and at times cryptic.” Stilwell explains that the filmmakers

wanted to share information with their audiences without spoiling the experience for those

who hadn’t seen it. “We have so much to tell. And the DVD lets us do that. It’s our thank you

gift to audiences who’ve supported our film and asked so many great questions. How did we

create the Triangle? What was real? What was set-up? Was there a script? How did we

portray the people at Ragnarok so convincingly? What was in that special “tea”? This is our

way of taking the blinders off. We’re thrilled that the DVD will give audiences another

chance to visit The Triangle and an opportunity to dive in deeper. And for those who

haven’t seen it…they’re getting one big fireball of weird aimed right at their skull.”

The Triangle will also be available through Amazon Prime worldwide and iTunes Extras

Worldwide on November 27. The film is currently available for rent or download at iTunes,

Amazon, Vimeo, Vudu, Google Play, and Microsoft Marketplace.

The Triangle is distributed by 108 Media and is supported by the Montana Film Office.

About The Triangle:

After three filmmakers receive a cryptic postcard from their friend Nathaniel, who’s been

AWOL more than three years, they head into the wilderness of Montana to answer Nathaniel’s

plea for help. With cameras rolling, the filmmakers set off to capture life inside what is either a

harmless commune or something much more sinister.

Directed by Adam Stilwell, Andrew

Rizzo, Adam Pitman, David Blair, and Nathaniel Peterson.

Running time: 1 hour, 36 minutes.