Run Time: 13x 60’

Genre: Music, Entertainment/Game - Show

Country Of Origin: USA

Available Rights: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan & S.Korea

Get ready to laugh A LOT at the brand new studio based format Lip Sync Battle. With a simple yet hugely engaging concept, Lip Sync Battle features celebrities going head to head lip syncing the song of their choice. The performances include hilarious reenactments of the original artist’s iconic routines. The prize? Pure bragging rights. Hosted by a renowned entertainment icon and a trendy co-host who sits in a DJ booth off to the side providing lively commentary, each 30 minute episode features two celebrities going head-to-head, facing off over two rounds of lip syncing. The audience votes for their favorite performer at the end of show. The winner takes home a Lip Sync Battle wrestling belt and the coolest bragging rights on the planet. Lip Sync Battle is already a pop culture hit and HUGE viral sensation. With this new format Lip Syncing is going global!

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