Boers At The End of the World

1 X 90'

Genre: Factual

Year:  2015

Format: HD

Language:  English, Spanish

Country Of Origin:  South Africa, Argentina

In remote Patagonia, a family – the Dickasons – speak a language from a country 7,000km away. They are part of a 115-year-old Afrikaans Boer community – South African settlers who crossed the Atlantic after a war against the British. Today, less than 50 speak archaic Afrikaans here and they struggle to keep their culture alive.



Ty Dickason, 82, a cowboy who has never flown in a plane, yearns to visit the country of his forefathers before he dies. This award-winning documentary is a portrait of a parallel world where Afrikaans was never linked to Apartheid, and one family’s journey to their roots.

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