Boats 'N' Bikes

26 X 30'

Genre: Lifestyle

Year:  2017

Format: HD/4K

Language: English

Country Of Origin: USA

Factual entertainment that is full of fun and adventure, with glamorous presenters, stunning locations across the USA and Cuba, with great music and fascinating people. Exquisitely shot in true 4K, Boats N Bikes is a breath of fresh air telling real stories about real people, in style.

Award winning film director, Sebastian Lyte takes the audience deep into the fabric of the boating and motorcycling community and brings to the screen, a true insight into this fascinating world. Our standout presenters, Joshua Kloss, Jessica Harbour, Adam Brudnicki and Otmara Marrero travel across the USA and Cuba on ultra cool motorcycles, having all sorts of adventures, reviewing standout yachts and bikes, going big game fishing, diving deep into the ocean and working with the US Coast Guard.
Our guys also go out riding with the San Diego Laughin’ Devils, the Iron Warriors and the Chrome Knights in Florida and the legendary Harlistas in Cuba.


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