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Director: Putrama Tuta

Run Time: 102 min

Genre: Drama

Trailer: Click Here

Cast: Daniel Mananta, Kin Wah Chew, Eric Febrian

Year: 2018

Format: HD

Language: Bahasa (English-subbed)

Country Of Origin: Indonesia

Ahok "Daniel Mananta" was born into a family with a father "Chew Kin Wah" a mining businessman. But the business is not smooth because of corrupt people. These problems make their relationship cool. Ahok followed the steps of his father, Kim Nam opened a mine in Belitung. But apparently the same person made his business go bankrupt. Besides that, Ahok's family also experienced a tragic event. In a frantic condition, Ahok remembers his father's message to be a leader and finally he is determined to plunge into politics.


Director: Mikhail Red

Run Time: 101 min

Genre: Horror, Drama

Trailer: Click Here

Cast: Bea Alonzo, Charo Santos-Concio, Maxene Magalona

Year: 2018

Format: HD

Language: Philipino (English-subbed)

Country Of Origin: Philippines

This is your Product DeThe unexpected and gruesome death of a student threatens the existence of an old Catholic school for girls. Pat Consolacion (Bea Alonzo), the school guidance counselor, involves herself with the students in the hopes of helping them cope, and at the same time uncover the mysteries of the student's death. Most students suspect of the strict and borderline abusive Mother Alice (Charo Santos-Concio), who also threatened Pat's tenure in the school because of her continuous meddling with the case. But Pat's unusual talents lead her to knowing Eri, a former student who's been watching the whole school for years. Piece by piece, Pat uncovers the secret of the school and the monster that it nurtured for the past century.scription. Write a short overview of the product including important features, pricing and any other relevant information for a potential buyer. Make sure the text is clear and easy to read. Tip from the pros: add an image of the product to give your customers a way of visualizing what you are selling.


Director: Deepa Mehta

Run Time: 146 min

Genre: Drama

Trailer: Click Here

Cast: Rajat Kapoor, Vansh Bhardwaj, Anupam Kher

Year: 2012

Format: HD

Language: English

Country Of Origin: Canada, UK

Midnight’s Children is a British and Canadian produced Bollywood feature from Academy Award-nominated, Deepa Mehta.

At the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, the night of India’s Independence from Great Britain, two newborn babies are switched by a nurse in a Bombay hospital. Saleem Sinai, the illegitimate son of a poor woman, and Shiva, the offspring of a wealthy couple, are fated to live the destiny meant for each other.