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Run Time: 110x 30’

Genre: Travel, Lifestyle

Trailer: Click Here

Year:  2007-2018

Format: HD

Language: English

Country Of Origin: USA

6 Emmy Awards

44 Telly Awards

11 SATW Awards

With over 100 episodes Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope scours the globe in search of CULTURAL ADVENTURES, AMAZING SIGHTS, SOUNDS, TASTES and INTERACTIONS.  From Europe, Africa and Asia to the Americas and the South Pacific, whether it’s places close to home of half way around the world, Joseph is forever on the hunt for the unusual, the inspirational and the authentic.


Run Time: 104 x 30’

Genre: Drama, Period

Trailer: Click here
Year:  2015-2016

Format: HD

Language: Arabic, English

Country Of Origin: Egypt

Golden Award – Jordan Festival for Arab Media
Golden Creativity Award – Cairo Artworks & Media Mondial
Gold Award – Star of Drama
Golden Award – The 14th Gulf Radio & TV Festival

Zenhar an elite of the Dramahan empire, is visited by the “Messenger of Death” informing him of his demise on the day of the next full moon. Panic and fear engulf the corrupt and immoral society when news of this prophecy spreads. This strange event coincides with the arrival of Ibn Ahmed, a physician from the East who is washed ashore with his family after his ship crashed off a nearby coast.

Empress Lilanta, newly crowned ruler of Dramahan, together with Ibn Ahmed, confront the aftermath of betrayal, greed and corruption in the kingdom. The thrilling series revolves around two empires with different ideologies with exciting dramatization that blends in elements of Arab culture in the backdrop of Turkish and Indian settings."