108 Media and Yup.GG Team Up for Reality Show ‘Asia’s Got Game’

Over the weekend, a new unscripted reality-format show was revealed called “Asia’s Got Game.” You know what that means: Within six months of it being successful, America will co-opting their version, probably called “Ultimate American Gamer (sponsored by GameFuel).

Does that sound a little cynical? Yeah, probably. I stand by the sentiment, though. Nonetheless, 108 Media and the esports marketplace have teamed up to develop, produce and distribute “Asia’s Got Game.”

Asia’s Got Game Coming in 2020

The media team is planning for some significant crossover programming through the week to lead up to the next episode. Game Streams, social media content, and even a new esports league. It seems like they’re taking a smart approach, though.

You want as many ways to take in the content as possible. I can only assume this will only be available in Asian territories, but we don’t have any confirmation on that yet. The first seas of “Asia’s Got Game” supposedly goes into production in early 2020.

These two companies are in Singapore. They inked their deal at Singapore Comic Con this past Sunday.

Raiford Cockfield, CEO of, made an official statement on the new venture:

“We’re excited to introduce esports and professional gaming to an even broader audience in Asia, show how far the industry has come, and give a real chance to local gaming creative talent to turn their passion into a lucrative career.”

Esports Reality TV A New Trend?

In my personal life, most of the people that are into esports do not watch any reality TV. They think it’s a load of rubbish. But if there’s a legit, unscripted esports reality TV show that we can watch? I’m willing to give it at least a try.

I don’t care to watch people survive on a miserable island for months. But players competing in, streaming and working on being the most interesting/most talented Street Fighter V player? 100% in. I hope that professional, already established esports athletes can’t compete.

Ideally, this show would be for amateurs, to grow and build new talent. I continue to have questions, though. As far as the title implies, it sounds like it’s focused on the best players. One of the problems with talented esports players though, some of them don’t get the other half of esports: being entertaining!

Sure, seeing top-tier skill is excellent, but it’s also just as good for these people to be entertaining. Look at just about anything Mike Ross has done in fighting games, Michael “Yipes” Mendoza. There’s a lot to be said about being engaging.

Reality TV, where none of the “characters” have interesting personalities, would probably ultimately bomb. That’s just how I look at it, though.

Justin Deimen, president of production and development for 108 Media discussed this announcement as well:

“This is the format that the industry and audiences have been waiting for since the potential of the esports and gaming industry as a new entertainment standard became clear,” he said. “We’re looking at organically linking stories, engagement and personalities to the grit and natural excitement of organised gaming and tournaments.”

It sounds like 108 Media’s on-board with this. They’re right, though. This is an untapped market. I know I’ve been looking forward to one day seeing reality TV esports. This could be a way for amateur players who have no route to move forward, to get their name out there.

Even if these players don’t win, their names out there on the internet. This could be the way for teams looking for potential stars. You better believe that esports orgs would be watching carefully. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited to see something like this come about.

If this is only aired live in Asian markets, I wonder if a version will be subtitled or even fan-subbed for international audiences. I can see it going over well in the Western market if the right games and people host.

We need Goldenboy! Bring this to the West, put Goldenboy on the mic, and it will be, well, gold!


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