Got A Great Idea? Give It Time!

Talent is important, but script is king. Deepak Dhar, Founder & CEO of Banijay Asia, explained that having good talents for a good script is "like the right cherry on the right cake". But talent alone is not enough.

However, talent deals were one of the pillars of Banijay's success in India's celebrity-heavy market. The other pillar was the catalogue of shows that they brought to the territory. Deepak spoke at a fireside chat moderated by Founder & CEO of 108 Media, Abhi Rastogi.

The landscape has changed so quickly that a lot of tricks of the past do not apply to the content vocabulary, he cautioned. For Deepak, he had to unlearn much of what he had learnt in his previous companies. He also spoke of the importance of respecting development time. A good idea needs at least eight months of development for unscripted formats, while scripted formats require a lot more time. Many producers who have a great idea want to put it into production immediately, but they must learn to give it some development time.

"Does that mean that digital platforms should be the first port of call?" asked Abhi, in response to the hyper speed growth of the market. The basic numbers revealed that linear is still growing at a good pace, even though data consumption is doubling, or even tripling as we go on, said Deepak. While most people want to go with digital or linear, Banijay would be "looking at both sides."

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