Journey With Sir Stamford Raffles' Wives

Acclaimed British writer Alison Hume has been signed on to be the head writer and showrunner of Mrs Raffles', an addictive new drama series for an international audience poised for production in Q3 2020. The drama will be developed and produced by 108 Media.

Adapted from the critically-acclaimed novel 'Olivia & Sophia' by Singapore- based writer Rosie Milne, 'Mrs Raffles' is centred on the lives of the wives of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, a visionary imperialist in the early 180os. The untold story af their adventures will immerse viewers in the diverse cultures of the Southeast Asian region through a mix of character-driven fiction and factual historical events.

"We're excited about the unique fermale voices being showcased through this particular series from development through production," said Abhi Rastogi, Chief Executive Officer, 108 Media.

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