Riding the Animation Wave

With a shared passion for creative storytelling, Singapore's 108 Media and B.Water Animation 5tudios from Spain have turned a 15-year friendship into an exciting business partnership with their new joint venture, B.Water Asia.

CEO of 108 Media, Abhi Rastogi, said, "We see the opportunity to create high-end quality animation from Asia that are international co-productions, Our focus, and the most important part of our business model, is to be a storytelling studio where we develop original IPs."

Speaking together at ATF, Dirk Hampel, Founder of B.Water Animation Studios also shared about B.Water Asia's role as a gateway for Asian IPs and how they want to bring out the potential of creative talent in Asia.

Fresh from the oven of this newly- minted partnership is 'CRAYONS', a 3D-live action animated series and the first of what is expected to be a top-tier slate of children's programming in fast- track development and pre-production.

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