Singapore and Malaysia Join Forces

Singapore's 108 Media Pte Ltd and Malaysia's Siung Films will be co-producing their first feature film, 'Best Served Cold', in what is to be the first of a wider slate of Southeast Asian features that are being commissioned and developed by 108 Media.

The agreement signing, which took place at ATF, was attended by 108 Media's Abhi Rastogi and Justin Deimen and Siung Films' Aaron Cowan and Josephine Luping, the creative force behind the co-production. The screenplay, written by Aaron, is based on the short story, 'Don't Eat The Rice', by Sabah-based author Jill Girardi and the characters in her novel, 'Hantu Macabre', and stars Malaysia's top female MMA fighter, Ann Osman, in the lead role.

National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) chairman Hans Isaac, who witnessed the signing at the Malaysian booth at ATF, also revealed exciting plans by Malaysia to kickstart more regional co-operation. "Today's signing signals the start of more partnerships between Singapore and Malaysia. We have started co-production negotiations with Singapore and we are also happy to announce co-productions between Australia and Malaysia. It is extremely important for content to travel, and working together works better for everyone."

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