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Malaysian talents Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Bront Palarae lead cast in international crime series ‘I Am

International action crime series I Am Vash, is set to start production May 2022, in Malaysia, for a 2023 release.

Produced by London-based company 108 Media and Malaysia-based Revolution Media, the eight-episode series will feature top Malaysian talents – actress Sangeeta Krishnasamy, actor Bront Palarae in the leading roles.

It will be directed by Adrian Teh (Paskal: The Movie).

Set in the 1970s Malaysia, the story takes place mostly at Port Klang where crime goings-on are aplenty.

Revolution Media’s Zainir Aminullah – who executive produced international projects Dirk Gently and The Ghost Bride previously – said in a press statement that I Am Vash is a story inspired by actual incidents in Malaysia.

It centres on the titular character Vash (Sangeeta), who's described as a rebellious policewoman who’s up against societal and political pressures thanks to her job. Bront plays Vash’s partner, Rahman.

According to the official synopsis, when audiences meet Vash, she’s working the biggest case of her career – hunting down a gang leader who’s creating carnage across the country in his pursuit to dominate the South-East Asian criminal underworld.

Sangeeta shared in the press statement that she’s thrilled to be involved in I Am Vash.

“It’s a project that focuses on an era when the local criminal justice system in our country’s history faced some of its biggest challenges.

“I’m even more excited that it’s led by a female protagonist. Here’s to celebrating women in the forces.”

Bront agreed: “I am incredibly excited to be working on I Am Vash, bringing authentic South-East Asian stories and characters to international audiences.

"And to be able to do it with the team at 108 Media and Revolution Media, I am confident we’re going to make this an awesome experience.”

Director Adrian Teh will be directing 'I Am Vash'. Photo: Azlina Abdullah/The Star

Teh, who has helmed Malaysia box office hits Paskal and Wira previously, is equally excited with the action premise of I Am Vash and the fact that the series is led by a female lead in a retro setting.

“That’s intriguing to me as a director. I’m in!” he reportedly said.

I Am Vash will be distributed internationally and in Malaysia. It will use primarily English and Malay languages, as well as Tamil and Cantonese dialects.


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