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  • Tom Grater

YA Book ‘A Banquet For Hungry Ghosts’ Optioned For Anthology Horror Series By 108 Media

EXCLUSIVE: 108 Media has picked up rights to Ying Chang Compestine’s YA book A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts and is planning an animated anthology horror series adaptation.

Los Angeles-based showrunner Tricia Lee will write all eight 30-minute episodes of the show, she previously directed features that sold to Hulu and NBC Universal’s Chiller Network and was named on the 2020 Black List. Taiwanese filmmaker Lester Hsi will helm the project, his credits include local box office hit The Bridge Curse, which was also picked up by Netflix.

Set across different epochs surrounding Chinese culture across the world, the series is made up of eight self-contained hungry ghost stories, laid out as eight courses of a banquet in a live-action appetizer/dessert bookends (filmed unique to each language and market) wrapped around its animated main course.

It will be produced and financed by 108 Media with the development and production being jointly conducted out of Los Angeles and Taipei. The team is aiming for an early Q4 2022 delivery in both English and Mandarin languages at the same time.

As part of the project’s co-production mandate, Studio76 and Studio886 will be leading the Greater China distribution of the series together with 108 Media selling rest of the world. Executive producers will be Justin Deimen, Tricia Lee, Ying Compestine, Micah Tadena and Matthew Wilson for 108 Media and Dennis Yang and Lester Hsi for Studio76.

“This is such a wonderful and vibrant book with a collection of stories so wisely devised and so creepily presented with a haunting sense of human foibles,” said Justin Deimen, President (Production) of 108 Media. “Working with the creative team of Ying, Tricia, Studio76 and Lester has been a joy and I hope that through this unique hybrid adaptation of elevated genre animation, more viewers can get a glimpse of the chilling and rich stories from around the world.”

“I am thrilled to be working with the team at 108 Media and collaborating with Lester to bring these deliciously macabre ghost stories to life on the screen. Each animated story will leave you exhilarated, chilled to the bone and hungry for more,” added Tricia Lee.


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