THE GREAT SASUKE chronicles the one life-changing year in the career of a regional Japanese wrestler and local politician known as The Great Sasuke. Sasuke describes wrestling as his tenshoku — a lifework assigned by God and considers himself an entertainer and a public servant. Set in the suburb of Morioka City in northern Japan, […]

Footprint takes a dizzying spin around the globe witnessing population explosions, overconsumption, limited resources, and expert testimony as to what a world straining at its limits can sustain. Director: Valentina Canavesio Production Year: 2016 Country of Origin: France, Kenya, United States Awards: Official Selection – Global Health Film Festival, 2016 Official Selection – Sheffield Doc/Fest, […]

For the first time ever, women’s boxing is included in the 2012 Olympics. Fighting for gold from the U.S. is Claressa “T-Rex” Shields, just 17 years old, and by far the youngest competitor. Her fierceness extends beyond the ring where she protects her family at any cost, even when their instability and addictions threaten to […]

In remote Patagonia, a family – the Dickasons – speak a language from a country 7,000km away. They are part of a 115-year-old Afrikaans Boer community – South African settlers who crossed the Atlantic after a war against the British. Today, less than 50 speak archaic Afrikaans here and they struggle to keep their culture […]

Just over 40 years after the end of the Second Indochina War, Legacy of a War: Air America and Southeast Asia investigates the origins and history of that war, particularly in Laos, while focusing on the personal stories of the men on both sides who took part in it.  Not only does it screen their […]

A feature length documentary that explores the worldwide phenomenon of Elvis impersonators and Elvis contests. Starting in the Canadian small town of Collingwood, that hosts one of the largest Elvis Festivals in the world, filmmaker Tracey Johnston delves deep into the world of fake hair, spray tan and sparkling jumpsuits. Her pursuit finds millions of […]

Enea is 29. He has blue eyes, likes trucks, and loves girls. He hasn’t found the right one yet. Still he has never stopped looking for her. One more thing about Enea: he is autistic. One day, after taking a photo of a girl on the bus, he is pushed to the ground by her […]

The MV Liemba embodies more than just a steamship; it’s a physical relic of European colonialism; a vital lifeline of trade for otherwise isolated communities; a meeting place where Africans from all walks of life come together. For nearly a century, the ship served as a critical avenue of commerce for soldiers, missionaries, traders and […]

They survived the horrors of the Holocaust and came to America to put the past behind. For decades they kept their awful memories secret, even from their children.  But their silence ended when an uprising of Neo-Nazis threatened to march in their quiet village of Skokie, Illinois, “because that is where the Jews are.” Surviving Skokie is […]

Why would we keep the greatest game in the world a secret? Australia’s national game is under threat from all world sports. Aussie Rules The World follows AFL superstar Brett Kirk on an international mission to save the game. Narrated by award winning actor David Wenham- this film uncovers people’s passion for footy in unexpected corners of […]