Dramahan showcases the theme of forgiveness and tolerance among religions by emphasizing the power of peaceful dialogue between diverse cultures over violence and war. The events begin when Zenhar an elite of the Dramahan empire, is visited by the “Messenger of Death” informing him of his demise at the sunset on the day of the […]

Our show is best described as factual entertainment and is full of fun and adventure, with glamorous presenters, stunning locations across the USA and Cuba with great music and fascinating people. There is a liberal sprinkling of comedy zingers throughout! Award winning film director, Sebastian Lyte takes the audience deep into the fabric of the […]

With over 100 episodes Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope scours the globe in search of CULTURAL ADVENTURES, AMAZING SIGHTS, SOUNDS, TASTES and INTERACTIONS.  From Europe, Africa and Asia to the Americas and the South Pacific, whether it’s places close to home of half way around the world, Joseph is forever on the hunt for the unusual, the […]

Green Heroes features the stories of corporate knights, public figures and everyday people who tell their transformative stories. Each episode profiles someone, who in a single moment, shifted his or her world-view and suddenly understood that something must be done to save the planet. Their inspirational stories of green epiphanies provides motivation for all of […]

Nobu’s Japan is a television series that celebrates the culinary arts as well as the culture of Japanese locales. Created by world-renowned chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa, this is a series that shares more with its audience than just recipes. In each episode, Chef Nobu explores the culture and history of a Japanese region. Each episode […]

Tequila is a big city nightclub in the small prairie town of Saskatoon, Canada. Amid a scene of Country and Classic Rock, Tequila does things differently. Cast: Blair Anton, Simon Papadopoulos, Bryan Pawlachuk Production Year: 2013 Country of Origin: Canada

With the rise of K1 and UFC series capturing the hearts and imagination of millions of viewers around the world, The Challenger is set to bring the sporting experience to a whole new level! The Challenger combines the elements of reality, grueling training, drama and spectacular elimination fights in 12 one hour episodes, ending in […]

From social entrepreneurs to entertainers, business executives to sports stars, Passionate TV inspires the next generation poised to make their mark on the world by asking those who are living out their wildest dreams in the present. Watch as these people share their journeys and the road to success and be inspired to follow your […]