As CEO, the most frequent question I get is, what does 108 even mean?

Let’s first start with what 108 is not.  108 is not what you say to Apple’s Siri.  Saying “Hey Siri, 108” will instruct Siri to call emergency services or 911 in the United States. Then Siri only gives you five seconds to cancel.

Instead, to us, we believe 108 is the formula for the greatest stories never told.

It’s one thing, nothing, and everything.  Literally.

You want something.  You lose something.  Then you struggle, chase your entire life, reach out for it with all your being, and right when you think it will never happen or you have lost all hope: a miracle happens.  You get what you always wanted and it’s infinitely more than you had every hoped.

The plot of every novel, television show and film.

We at 108 believe its our goal to inspire writers, filmmakers, actors, and producers all over the world to tell their story.  How do we do that?  By finding the financing to make those stories happen, equipping them with the most innovative new technologies, and partnering them with the most talented production crews.

Then the only emergency that remains is to make sure the world watches.

Changing What The World Is Watching ™

Your story awaits,

Abhi Rastogi